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Her shocking letter comes just days after Amber’s allegations of domestic abuse went public, and Vanessa, who was with Johnny from 1998-2012, and had daughter Lily-Rose, 17, and Jack, 14, wanted to call her bluff: “Johnny Depp is the father of my two children, he is a sensitive, loving and loved person, and I believe with all my heart that these recent allegations being made are outrageous, in all the years I have known Johnny, he has never been physically abusive with me, and this looks nothing like the the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years.” She signed it Vanessa Paradis.

Johnny and Vanessa’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, has also spoken out against Amber’s abuse allegations.


Amber claimed that one of the photos was taken after Johnny allegedly hit her on May 21, according to Amber filed for divorce on May 23, only three days after Johnny’s mom passed away.Hollywood learned EXCLUSIVELY that Johnny’s emotional spirals and late nights out destroyed their marriage.



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