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True, if you own "example.com", you can create any subdomain called " "whatever.example.com", "etc-etc.example.com" and so on.

However, by default, these are all regarded as separate addresses.

This article may apply to you if after publishing (or uploading) your web page, you still see one of the following on your website: Note: this article is not for those who haven't published/uploaded any web page yet.

If you're reading this article because you're curious about creating a website, please see How to Make/Create Your Own Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide instead.

by Christopher Heng, I occasionally have webmasters writing to tell me that they have published their web page using either their web editor or an FTP program, only to find that when they visit their website, they still see their web host's default web page or perhaps even a 404 File Not Found error page.

This article discusses the causes of the problem and suggests some ways to fix it.

When you sign up with a web host, most web hosts automatically set " to point to the same place as "example.com", since that is the way most newcomers expect things to be set up.

It saves them the time answering technical support questions from puzzled new webmasters when they can't get " to work.



However, this is not a guaranteed thing: not all web hosts do this by default.

Some web hosts only set up "example.com", and you either have to go to your web hosting control panel or ask their technical support to set up " to point to the same place as "example.com".



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