Tivo guide not updating

from Our Previous Ti Vo and Ti Vo Upgrade Sales We receive a lot of great feedback from our Ti Vo, Direc TV, and repair customers. We hope that our customers' comments give you some insight into our product quality and service.Also see our reviews at these sites: "I just got my Series 3 HD XL connected back up. It works just like the day I first bought it - again.And then when the hard drives arrived so carefully packaged and every single detail. It was as easy to install as you advertised - took about 15 minutes. I did have to call my cable provider for them to update the cable card.


THANKS," George Hamilton, Henderson, NV"I want to thank you very much for your business.If it weren't for Ti Vo's dumb policy of lifetime service being attached forever to the box for which it was first purchased, I would've upgraded to a newer model. When I went to reboot it, it just got stuck on the welcome loading screen.Since that wasn't an option, I'm so glad you guys are there. Thanks so much for the repair." Tom Whitlow, North Port, FL"I just wanted to let you know I got my tivo back on Wednesday. Did some research, found out my series 2 has issues with the power supply, and chances are that's my problem. Switching from my satellite to cable wasn't an option, and without your website, i would be without my Ti Vo and probably spend forever grabbing at my remote trying to skip commercials. " Nicholas Lawrence, West middlesex, PA" You probably don’t get kudos very often for support but they did a great job of diagnosing and recommending solutions for my external drive problems.I wish you continued success and a long business life.

They quickly diagnosed that I needed to press the reset button to re-flash the system.

That did the trick and minimal expense to me and without losing any programs. " Craig Stull, Scottsdale, AZ"I received the Tivo and it works great !!



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