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IN 2015 more than 12,000 people visited Vegfest 2015.

"It's fantastic to see the continued growth of demand for a vegan ethos that puts justice for both human and non-human animals at the forefront of our agenda to make the world a better place,” says Vegfest operations manager Dr Alan Lee.

“People all over the UK are warming to the idea that veganism is actually a joy instead of sacrifice, and most importantly no non-human animals are used in the process.

And with 200 stalls, 15 caterers and a vegan comedy festival on offer at the Brighton Centre, in King’s Road for this year’s event, organisers are hoping to smash that record.


“We see this as a cornerstone of animal rights advocacy and it is our aim to demonstrate creative ways of vegan education that engages people and gets them thinking about going vegan – and most importantly, forms of advocacy that everyone can do in their own communities.” New features at this year’s event include summits focused on teachers and vegan activists, encouraging discussions and workshops in communities, schools and universities, as well as the Fx Ective contest where activists will be showing off their persuasive talents for a £1,000 top prize.

It is much more natural to meet single people at events.

Even a Speed Dating event is more natural than meeting someone online.

“At Vegfest UK, we are balancing a clear vegan message with lots of fun activities in store for an amazing day out for all.


“Whether you are already vegan or not, you'll find lots of interesting features at the show which will leave you hard-pushed not to warm to veganism!" The weekend will also feature cookery demonstrations, kids activities, a Life Well Super Hub promoting holistic approaches to wellbeing and live music.



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