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Anthony Anderson, quoted in the Examiner, says the show is a throwback to the 80s primetime soaps: “The show is escapism…It shows Anacostia in a completely different way that I don’t think people get a chance to see.

People usually see ‘local teen gets shot’, but, they don’t see everyday that there are people out there working, striving and have great lives.” Ahshe, Web series about Emma’s journey to self-discovery starring Emma Caufield, and in the second season Tracie Thoms ().

Viewers are directed to resources and information that take into account many diverse perspectives.” 12 Steps to Recovery (creator: Tony Clomax), A well-shot romantic comedy about Parrish, who, dumped by his girlfriend, goes on 12 blind dates.

The problem: “one friend is secretly in love with Parrish and selects “not-so-great” dates, in hopes of coming in and winning his heart in the end.” For my interview with the creator, click here.

For more shows — including some Spanish language series — check out the many networks launching to curate shows: Black & Sexy TV, Rowdy Orbit, GLO TV (black gay programming), Vision Tube (independent filmmakers), BWE Network (black women), Zora TV (black women), Chapter3 TV (black women), My Culture TV, Plenty Pennies, WNWP, DPVN, and Q3030.

The Facebook group “Black Web Series” also updates a lot faster than I can (here’s their list), and ‘s articles on black programming, click here.


blaah), looks the closest in spirit to being on a par with SATC as anything else I’ve seen, with the added bonus that it has it’s own unabashed flair, wit, style and individuality that only an afrocentric slant could lend to it.” All About the Mc Kenzies, Almost 30, Entertainment After his girlfriend dumps him, the 27 year-old Justin’s life plans are thrown.Anacostia (creator: Anthony Anderson), A soap opera about the Washington, D. neighborhood, including issues of marital problems, violence and same-sex love.


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    Its relevance was related to its ability to develop measures of individual differences, particularly in the area of intelligence testing, and the utility such measures could serve in inmate classification.

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    Have you been waiting patiently since July 29 for your Windows 10 upgrade?

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    Because I know stonewalling is a big weakness of mine, I have tried to be more aware and conscious of any urges I have to just leave the conversation.

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    but people tend to get an idea of what to do thanks to movies and TV shows.

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    “Alhamdulillahi…ra…ra..” Ala ibu susahle, lalu,pap! Apa nak jadi dengan kamu ni Adik,suruh baca Al-Fatihah pun merangkak2 lagi,kamu nak jadi apa ni? Sudah sebulan Azli duduk di rumah,namun masih belum di tawarkan apa-apa tawaran lagi, Azli buntu,puas memikir dan meminta kerja,tapi belum ada rezeki lagi. ibu ni mana boleh, Azli kan keluaran Universiti bidang kedoktoran,mana standard kerja lain kan”.

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