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In order to give an initial response, we might confine our attention to dating of lava flows, the most easily dated rocks, and limit our discussion to the Grand Canyon, which contains thoroughly studied lava flows profoundly relevant to the creation/evolution question. Furthermore, we might begin by focusing our investigation to "wholerock" potassium-argon (K-Ar) and rubidium-strontium (Rb-Sr) techniques, the two most popular methods for dating rocks. Such ages defined by these fines are called "isochrons." An "isochron date," which relies on multiple rock samples, is considered to be much more reliable than a "model date" determined from a single rock sample. Isochron confidence is well founded, for the assumptions of the dating method appear to be internally verified.


Potassium-40 (Rb has occurred since the rock cooled from the lava flow.

The analytical equipment used to determine the abundances of isotopes is more accurate in determining ratios of isotopes than their absolute abundances.

Therefore, Sr as the y-axis would allow the isotope ratios of all rocks in a lava flow to be plotted. Damon, "K-Ar Age of Lava Dam in the Grand Canyon," Geological Society of America Bulletin, 79 (Jan.

The y-intercept of the isochron is the initial Sr value and the correspondence to a straight line measures the degree to which the lava has remained a "closed system." "Model dates" have no check for internal consistency.


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