Mothers against daughters dating democrats

I suspect it will pass as will her relationship w the repug, and she'll appreciate that you didn't/don't make a fuss about it.Hard as it may be, I suggest 'ignore' vis a vis her now.She's 'living with a republican,' but she grew up with you and your liberal family.I was raised by unreconstructed, old-school Kennedy liberals.

If she was never especially committed to a well-formed worldview, then perhaps she's trending in a bad direction.

Being a conscious right-winger is not consistent with being a humanist. If you've talked politics before, do so again and see.


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    In her Instagram account, Janice posted a photo of an ‘Application Form to Date My Daughter’ shared to her by Luis.

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    We've been together for close to a year at this point.

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    After the songstress allegedly shared a photo on Instagram that revealed a bulging baby bump and then deleted it, her fans went wild with speculation that she might be pregnant.

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