Moral issues about dating second cousins

Currently, opposition to and disgust towards cousin marriage seems to be based at least somewhat on classism (i.e.“hicks” and “hillbillies” do it) and xenophobia (i.e. Scientifically speaking, the risks of cousin marriage are related to any children that might be produced as a result of the union.Either way, in the Victorian era and before, Europeans and Americans married their cousins with impunity.In many other cultures worldwide, people marry their cousins without any issues; the practice is not considered bizarre, taboo, or disgusting — in other words, not incest, since that word is defined by social custom.

In fact, the increased risk of birth defects in the children of cousins is incredibly slight. According to Islamic law as well as Indian and Pakistani custom, cousins are fair marriage game.

Many states only allow cousin marriage if there is no possibility of the production of children anyway. Therefore, by the age of puberty, I was required to give up hugging my male cousins and going in front of them with my head uncovered.

The idea is that it is unfair that what is deemed “incest” is allowed by the state but that same-sex relationships are not allowed to be recognized in that same way.

While many (including me) would agree with that sentiment, are there any social, scientific, or ethical reasons to oppose cousin marriage?


Usually, the post is accompanied by commentary or leads to comments along the lines of “so marrying family members of the opposite sex and making mutated babies is cool, but marrying someone of the same sex isn’t?

” People have been linking to maps like this on social networking sites and post image memes like the one below.


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