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he day Nicola Sturgeon lost her baby – 3 January 2011, at the age of 40 – she went to work as normal.

As the SNP’s deputy first minister, she attended the Ibrox memorial service to mark the anniversary of Scotland’s worst football disaster.



It’s really important to remember a lot of people don’t. She says: “I didn’t tell anyone at work I was pregnant, I didn’t tell them I was miscarrying. “If you’re scared of losing a job, or not getting promoted, because people suspect you’re going to be leaving, you won’t talk about any of this.They either make the decision to stop trying, or they keep trying till time runs out.” turgeon’s decision to keep her miscarriage private and continue campaigning raises questions: is this a reflection on the extraordinary pressure on women in employment (high-powered or otherwise) to keep quiet about personal anguish, or does keeping quiet amplify the pressure on women and their partners to swallow this underrated grief? I was working in a university in health research.” hough Dr Boynton adds that if she had explained, she’s sure people would have been very sympathetic, she notes that women many feel it’s wiser to “hold it together at work, then go home and break down there”.



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