Interracial dating does it turn you on

The researchers only focused on the participants' ratings of the black and white women.The findings revealed the participants reported greater attraction toward women of their same race.


However, the participants’ ideology greatly influenced their responses.When it comes to interracial dating and intercultural romances, skin color tends to get noticed, although attitudes about interracial dating have become more accepting with each generation, with a 90 percent approval from millennials.Now, a recent study published in the suggests our romantic attractions toward people of other races is influenced by our ideological beliefs, like “color-blindness” and multiculturalism.In other words, the more a participant believed in multiculturalism, the more likely they were to be attracted to women of another race.

People who support a “color-blind” ideology believe the best way to fight race discrimination is to ignore the concept of race altogether.In other words, the ideology affirms the belief “race should not and does not matter,” according to Psy Post. Neville of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, sought to observe how these concepts influenced interracial romantic attraction among a cohort of 124 heterosexual black and white college men.


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