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For most investors bombarded by the mainstream financial media the things I write about are really offbeat.For investors who invest in deep value global small caps a lot of names I mention seem to be common.The income statement is seven lines long, yes just seven lines. Mills Music owns the rights to some "oldies" songs, nothing more, nothing less.This is the quick description of Mills Music Trust. Mills Music is a cash collection and distribution machine. Every time a royalty event happens with a song Mills has the rights to EMI makes a note and eventually sends over a royalty.My goal when starting this blog was to find and profile companies far off the radar for most investors.

The first question to ask is why would anyone want to buy Mills Music Trust?

I find these stocks interesting because due to complexity or details most investors pass over them.

Mills Music Trust qualifies as something hard to grasp, yet has the markings of a good opportunity.

After all there are only so many stocks globally and there are a lot of people picking through them.

From time to time I uncover a truly oddball stock, something that is both unknown and a different creature all together, Mills Music definitely qualifies.

The answer is blindingly obvious, for the yield of course.



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