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Disgusted no-one has noticed.” One person complained about food wastage on the programme.


Twitter user @Well Max81 added: “Heavy D doesn’t realise that he’s being bullied – Bear and Lewis taking the piss for their amusement.She will face the public vote alongside Marnie Simpson, James Whale and Bear, who faces the public nomination each week because he has an eternal nomination.World: A Survival Guide From A Family Of Nine by Brent and Phelecia Hatch is a remarkable and comprehensive guide for readers wishing to grant their children a pure and happy childhood even in the presence of the family values hostile media of the modern day.A spokesman for the media watchdog said: “We have received 70 complaints about Celebrity Big Brother from last night.

We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not.” Forty-seven viewers complained about the episode’s sexual content, which saw Bear lick Chloe’s bare breasts. The Playboy model recreated her audition for her web-cam business to Bear, even commenting that the situation had become close to “porn”.The two could later be seen apparently kissing and touching under a duvet.


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