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Both real dating and online dating can have dangers.

Most people are awesome and just looking to meet other awesome people — but as you might have guessed or even experienced, there are some Grade A Creepers out there, too.

Learn to tell the difference between someone who’s just trying to play it safe on the Wild West of the Internet — and somebody who might not have your best interests at heart.

If someone you know wants to see your profile and you’re comfortable sharing with them, send the link in a private message or e-mail. The public is full of creeps, and you don’t want those creeps to have your link. Too much information is a bad thing — some people are really, really good at using the Internet to find out all sorts of things. for example: you are sharing, and be safe in sharing.

Never use a dating site to log into any other services and never use social media to log into a dating site.


In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to worry about any of this stuff — but unfortunately, we do have to worry about it.

Be careful where you share your online dating profile.

A link to your dating profile on your Facebook might not be protected.

There’s no reason to hide that you’re dating online — but don’t post a link to your profile in public on Facebook.

Not that there’s anything wrong with BDSM — it’s just not something most people want their Great Aunt Tilly from Nebraska to see. In this day and age, if you aren’t using social media in some form, you’re kind of weird (not quite creepy, but a little… If you don’t find evidence of their existence outside of their dating profile site… They might be using an alias, and that’s usually a pretty bad sign. A creeper will demand your personal info while providing little of their own.

They’ll be pushy and rude about your personal info boundaries, all the while withholding from you.


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