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The executive director of the Society of Editors, Bob Satchwell, said it is a 'preposterous conspiracy theory too far' to say newspapers and broadcasters 'jointly decided not to publish' the story on Mr Whittingdale.


As part of his job, he oversees press regulation.'She was a similar age and lived close to me.

At no time did she give me any indication of her real occupation and I only discovered this when I was made aware that someone was trying to sell a story about me to tabloid newspapers.'This is an old story which was a bit embarrassing at the time.

The curtains were drawn in the single upstairs window and the blinds were lowered on the ground floor.

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale (pictured left today) has been forced to reveal he had a relationship with a dominatrix - Hacked Off's Brian Cathcart (right) said the minister is 'compromised' and should 'get out of the way'In judging whether to publish the story or not, editors would have to take into account the newspaper industry's voluntary Editors' Code of Practice, which is currently enforced by IPSO and previously by the Press Complaints Commission.


Fawlty Towers star John Cleese says it the Whittingdale story is 'the biggest scandal for 50 years' and tweeted today: 'Not in the public interest! It wasn't in the Press's interest, so they censored the story as long as they could.There is a split opening up within Labour, with shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn saying John Whittingdale should be able to continue with all his duties as Culture Secretary.


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