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I don't know where they got the picture of the person I thought I had contacted, but I would think that using someone's picture without their permission is illegal. I joined E-Harmony back in August of 2015, I got sucked into a full membership when I tried their "Free Trial" like they advertise on TV. First, most of the matches I receive on Eharmony are not active paid users.Its not free, you get sold a package for 6 months whether you want it or not. I actually personally knew one of my matches and he confirmed he has not used the site in a long time.Once I was on the site, I could not believe the nasty women who were on it. I wrote to them as advised what a mistake that was. Second, all of the matches they send me are outside of my parameters in every aspect, age, race, distance, children, etc.Anyways, I met someone late August, after funding her to be my match.... I was sent 1...person in my state & he was 100 miles away. If I make my wants extremly important, then I get no matches AT ALL! When you choose the 2 year plan, they make you pay three big payments in the first 3 months.


The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved reviews, number of company's responses etc. I get a lot of profiles with no pictures (there is no setting to avoid this) I also get many men older than i ask for and too Short ( there is no setting for this either). Despite the efforts of customer service trying to convince me to stay, I was clear that all I wanted was to CANCEL.Pretty sure this is all ***, I'm only 2 months in and want to cancel, but it's not obvious how to even get hold of them. I reached out to someone on this dating site and started receiving text messages and emails that I could tell were written by foreigners because of the sentence structure and misspellings of words.I'm surprised that members are not checked out more thoroughly.

They said they would send me an email to help my subscription... They don't make it easy at all to try to contact a help desk, with so many questions, you can't figure out where you need to go to change something as simple as the radius of your matches! I signed up thinking I had a free trial , tried to cancel my account 3 days thinking it was okay.


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