Dating advice for 6th grade boys

Just ignore him.’ But every morning I wake up terrified to go to school because I'm afraid I'll be teased…I'm losing all my confidence, and I just want the name calling to stop. For example, at lunch, she puts all her trash on my plate and expects ME to throw it away. Whenever I'm nice enough to let her come over, she takes advantage of my stuff and always tries to get me to buy her things online! A lot of people do this on purpose and when I try to tell an adult, they just say they can't help it. They do that right in front of me when they know I can't eat meat.

There's this girl at school who thinks she's the boss. I know I can't get out of being a vegetarian and all, but how can I solve this?

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There's this boy in my class who always calls me names like ‘Walrus’ or ‘Giant’ and a lot of other hurtful and mean stuff.

When I try to tell people my problem, they tell me to suck it up, be a man for once, etc.


It's not really constant bullying, teasing is what it is.I hate being in the same class as him, and I try to be as far away from him as possible.All my friends know about it and they always say, ‘Don't listen to him. I am bullied all the time, I have ADHD and Asperger's syndrome, so it is impossible for me to ignore all the constant tapping and banging and foul language around me. All my friends make fun of me, like when they talk about restaurants they like, mostly it's ALL meat.If you're feeling like you have a sign pasted on you that reads: "MAKE FUN OF ME, PLEASE" then you're not alone.


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I don't think this is funny, and it seems disrespectful to the girls he asks out for a joke.


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    IMAGINE that, getting a call every now and then, just because these scum have no life, no boss overseeing them, or one that condones their criminal activity.

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