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And if you plan to travel with your laptop, a bag or case will help protect it from nicks and scratches as you make your way around town.

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And if you want more home theatre-like experience, 5.1-channel speakers will make it feel like the sound is all around you.

Want to snap photos for your blog or chat with friends online? Just add an external webcam to your computer or laptop.

A standard definition model will get the job done, but for the crispest and clearest images possible, you’ll want to choose a high definition webcam instead.

Plus, most models feature a built-in mic, so you won’t have to buy a separate one.

For online chatting, an external microphone or headset will help you interact with ease.

If you’re looking for more robust audio than your computer’s built-in speakers can offer, then computer speakers are a must.2.0- channel systems offer crisp mids and highs, while 2.1 speakers bring out the bass with a subwoofer.And if you’re playing with friends online, a headset and mic combo is ideal for hands-free chat.Laptop accessories such as a cooling pad, lock, or laptop dock will help you keep your device safe and enhance your whole experience.

Your computer or laptop will let you do more than simply listen to music, store files and surf the web; with the right computer and laptop accessories, you’ll be able to take your experience to the next level.

Best Buy carries a wide selection of laptop computer accessories such as speakers, webcams, and headsets and mics from great brands such as HP, Creative, Logitech, Targus, Samsonite, Init, In Case and so many more.


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